About the Nurse Anesthesia Resident (NAR) Workshop

Nurse Anesthesia Resident (NAR) Workshop
Sunday, February 27, 2022

CANA is bringing back our virtual, day-long, Nurse Anesthesia Resident (NAR) Workshop on Sunday, February 27, 2022. NARs will hear from experts and peers about the best ways to manage varying aspects of their CRNA careers.

The workshop will consist of three main topic areas:

  • How to survive and thrive in CRNA School once you’re accepted.
  • How to transition from being a student to a full-fledged CRNA.
  • How to manage your finances, once you’re a CRNA.

Fee: This workshop is free to attend for all NARs.

CE Credit: Class A CE credits are not available for this workshop.


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CRNA Registration: This workshop is designed for current or future NARs. If you are a current CRNA who would like to attend, we ask that you consider donating to the CANA PAC in lieu of a registration fee. Please click here to donate directly to the CANA PAC. Contact CANA staff at info@canainc.org, if you have questions.

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Participants will be able to join the meeting starting at 7:00 AM for virtual networking and to preview the platform. A virtual networking hour will also be available post-meeting, starting at 3:30 PM. The schedule is subject to change.

Please note that all times are Pacific Time.

Welcome remarks provided by CANA Programs Committee Chair, Daniel Bell, RN, CRNA, DNP, Kaiser Permanente.

The incidence of suicide across the United States is rising. Health care providers are an especially vulnerable population in this national suicide epidemic, which sparks concern among nurse anesthetists. CRNAs and SRNAs work in a high-stress environment and are vulnerable to high rates of depression, anxiety, and burnout. By understanding risk factors for mental health disorders and the warning signs of potential suicidal ideation, CRNAs and SRNAs can collectively team together in support of each other. Take action before suicide and help our professional colleagues tackle our public health crisis.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255
AANA Peer Assistance Helpline: 800-654-5167- Live, confidential and professional support 24/7 for drug and alcohol

Learn more about the committee and peer assistance here.

CANA Wellness Committee:

Committee members from top to bottom, left to right:

  • Katie Foster, BSN, SRNA
  • Chuck Griffis PhD, CRNA (Co-Chair)
  • Lauryn Hopper, BSN, SRNA
  • Anna Lai Mark DNP, CRNA (Chair)
  • Kim Segna, BSN, SRNA

With accessibility to medications that are highly addictive, anesthesia professionals are at an increased risk of developing a substance use disorder.  In this imperative segment, discussion regarding the recognition of risk factors for developing substance use disorders, signs of impairment and drug diversion, and the potential consequences of drug diversion are discussed. Furthermore, the promotion of a safe environment for self- reporting or reporting colleagues is examined.

AANA Peer Assistance Helpline 800-654-5167

Speaker: Rex Allen Eaton, CRNA

In our training we quickly learn the formidable yet fragile chain of CRNA leaders that have crafted the profession we have all inherited. Every resident who enters this profession comes equipped with numerous talents in leadership and communication as well as a passion to advocate for their patients. These skills can and ought to be utilized not just for your individual patients but for your profession as well. We stand on the shoulders of Giants so strap on your shoes and get ready for some shoulder-building exercises as we train the next generation of giants! Join our newest CANA Board members for this session to learn how you can take your leadership skills to the next level. You’ll learn why they took the steps to volunteer with CANA, how they got here, and what they’ve found most rewarding.


  • Jason Bolt, DNP, CRNA, Bold CRNA Inc.
  • Johnny Garza, MSN, CRNA, Cloud Nine Nursing Anesthesia
  • Jacob Schonau-Taylor, MSN, CRNA

Network with other attendees or visit our sponsoring exhibitors.

Bullying, incivility, micro-aggression, and harassment in the clinical setting is a nationally recognized phenomenon. Rising concern on how these shape Nurse Anesthesia Residents, as well as research into this area has highlighted the emotional and physical effects of these experiences such as anxiety, depression, headaches, insomnia, and decreased performance. Nurses and Nurse Anesthesia Residents alike need tools to identify harmful behaviors and the resources available to address them.

Speaker: Holly A. Chandler EdD, CRNA, Assistant Professor Nurse Anesthesia, Bryan College of Health Sciences

As a continuation of the previous session with Holly A. Chandler EdD, CRNA, Dr. Elisha will go into greater detail about micro-aggression and harassment in the clinical setting.

Speaker: Sassoon Elisha, EdD, CRNA, FAAN, Kaiser Permanente School of Anesthesia

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Anticipation of an anesthesia job interview can be nerve-racking and exciting. Knowing what to expect in your interview can help. In this valuable segment, you will hear from CRNA leaders from various facilities who will give you insight on the proper preparation heading into your interview so you can handle it with confidence and make a stellar first impression.


  • Shelly Anderson, MBA, MSNA, CRNA, Nurse Anesthetist Manager, UCLA Health, Department of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine
  • Greg Crawford, CRNA, Kaiser Permanente
  • Johnny Garza, MSN, CRNA, Cloud Nine Nursing Anesthesia
  • Regalado Valerio, Jr., DNP, CRNA, CHSE, LAC and USC Medical Center

Moderator: Daniel Bell, RN, CRNA, DNP, Kaiser Permanente

Still have more questions after the morning sessions with Dr. Chandler and Dr. Elisha? Join them in this breakout session for an open and honest discussion about micro-aggressions and difficulties in the workplace. The group will be joined by an SRNA, Ahmad Mohammad.


  • Holly A. Chandler, EdD, CRNA, Assistant Professor Nurse Anesthesia, Bryan Health College
  • Sassoon Elisha, EdD, CRNA, FAAN, Kaiser Permanente School of Anesthesia
  • Ahmad Mohammad, SRNA

Moderator: Pauline Rioux, BSN, RN, CCRN, UCLA Health

After three long years of CRNA school, we are all too eager to sign on that dotted line, often without reading all the fine print. But not all contracts are the same and with so many opportunities, make sure you find the right one for you. Our session will cover terminology, special conditions and common pitfalls to look out for when evaluating contracts

Speaker: Kate Bowles, Counsel, Hanson Bridgett LLP

Moderator: Maricel Isidro-Reighard CRNA, MSNA, DNAP

Join current SRNA’s from different programs for a Q&A session discussing how to reach that goal of transitioning from an RN to a Nurse Anesthesia student. Many topics will be covered – from how to be a competitive applicant to life as a nurse anesthesia student. This session is meant to be an open discussion forum, so any and all questions are encouraged and welcome.


  • Howard Booth, SRNA
  • Karanbir “KB” Sumra, SRNA

Moderator: Mario Barandiaran, CRNA, MSN

This session is an introduction to the fellowship programs in Nursing or Nurse Anesthesia, specifically in the areas of pain and pediatrics, that are currently pursuable by the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. CRNAs who have gone through each program will discuss the path to their chosen fellowship and challenges they may have found along the way. The last half of this session will be open to audience Q&A.


  • Nicole Arsenis, CRNA, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • David Hart, CRNA, University of South Florida

Covid 19 brought many challenges over the last few years, one of those being financial security. As you prepare to begin your career as a new CRNA, learn how financial planning can help you reach your goals. In this segment, we will discuss the strategies, tools and resources for successful post graduation financial management.

Speaker: Jason Pinney, Founder & CEO, Cornerstone Wealth Management