About the Nurse Anesthesia Resident (NAR) Workshop

Nurse Anesthesia Resident (NAR) Workshop
Sunday, February 27, 2022

CANA is bringing back our virtual, day-long, Nurse Anesthesia Resident (NAR) Workshop on Sunday, February 27, 2022. NARs will hear from experts and peers about the best ways to manage varying aspects of their CRNA careers.

The workshop will consist of three main topic areas:

  • How to survive and thrive in CRNA School once you’re accepted.
  • How to transition from being a student to a full-fledged CRNA.
  • How to manage your finances, once you’re a CRNA.

Fee: This workshop is free to attend for all NARs.

CE Credit: Class A CE credits are not available for this workshop.


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CRNA Registration: This workshop is designed for current or future NARs. If you are a current CRNA who would like to attend, we ask that you consider donating to the CANA PAC in lieu of a registration fee. Please click here to donate directly to the CANA PAC. Contact CANA staff at info@canainc.org, if you have questions.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Nurse Anesthesia Residents (NARs) are the future of the CRNA profession – they will become the next generation of key decision makers and healthcare providers in the anesthesiology industry. This is your opportunity to support our NARs from day one by sponsoring timely education, making connections, and perhaps even finding your future employee(s).

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Participants will be able to join the meeting starting at 7:00 AM for virtual networking and to preview the platform. A virtual networking hour will also be available post-meeting, starting at 3:30 PM. The schedule is subject to change.

Please note that all times are Pacific Time.

Welcome remarks provided by CANA Programs Committee Chair, Daniel Bell, RN, CRNA, DNP

The CANA Wellness Committee (CWC) will discuss the suicide epidemic as it relates to SRNAs. The presentation will discuss the risk factors for suicidal ideation in SRNAs, warning signs, and prevention. Additionally, the resources available on the AANA and CANA websites will be discussed with the audience. Presented by the CANA Wellness Committee.

Learn more about the committee and peer assistance here.

CANA Wellness Committee:

Committee members from top to bottom, left to right:

  • Katie Foster, BSN, SRNA
  • Chuck Griffis PhD, CRNA (Co-Chair)
  • Lauryn Hopper, BSN, SRNA
  • Anna Lai Mark DNP, CRNA (Chair)
  • Kim Segna, BSN, SRNA

Speaker: Rex Allen Eaton, CRNA

One of CANA’s core values is ADVOCACY, but as a student, it can be daunting and intimating trying to take a step into advocacy work – talking with legislators, understanding policy and how it affects our practice, and understanding the politics of it all. During this session, participants will get a crash corse in policy and how they can play a role.

Network with other attendees or visit our sponsoring exhibitors.

Speaker: Holly A. Chandler EdD, CRNA, Assistant Professor Nurse Anesthesia, Bryan College of Health Sciences

Speaker: Sassoon Elisha, EdD, CRNA, FAAN

Network with other attendees or visit our sponsoring exhibitors.


  • Holly A. Chandler, EdD, CRNA, Assistant Professor Nurse Anesthesia, Bryan Health College
  • Ahmad Mohammad, SRNA


  • Howard Booth, SRNA
  • Karanbir “KB” Sumra, SRNA


  • David Hart, CRNA, University of South Florida
  • Bill Johnson, CRNA, Middle Tennessee

Speaker: Patrick Clark, Commonwealth Financial Group