Coming Soon!

The California Association of Nurse Anesthesiology (CANA) is excited to announce a new educational opportunity for Registered Nurses interested in the field of Nurse Anesthesiology. The Anesthesia Core Education modules are online lectures that were carefully curated after surveying 1st and 2nd year Nurse Anesthesia Residents on what they wish they would have known prior to matriculating into a Nurse Anesthesiology Program. CANA is incredibly proud to be the first and only State Nurse Anesthesiology Association that offers a preparatory program designed for Registered Nurses. All content will be 100% online and applicable to any Registered Nurse considering applying to any Nurse Anesthesiology Program nationwide.

Program Topics and Highlights

  • Interviews with multiple California Program Directors about their Nurse Anesthesiology Programs
  • Past, Present, and Future of the professional associations for CRNAs: AANA and CANA 
  • Basics of airway equipment and instrumentation
  • Intro to Anesthesia-related Anatomy and Physiology
  • Intro to Pharmacology of Anesthesia
  • Wellness as a Nurse Anesthesiology Resident
  • How to thrive as a Nurse Anesthesiology Resident
  • And more…

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