CANA 2022 Spring Meeting

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Friday, May 20

1045 – 1115 | The Importance of Social Support to Our Wellness
Presenters: Anna Lai Mark, CRNA (Peer Assistance & Wellness) and Charles Griffis, PhD, CRNA

1115 – 1145 | Rural Anesthesia: Critical Access, Clinical Excellence
Presenter: Rodney F. Hoover, CRNA

1215 – RED Talk 1: Precepting the Preceptor – A Focus on Improving Knowledge, Preceptor Satisfaction, Confidence and Comfort
Presenter: Alicia Aaron Johnson, MSW, RN, SRNA, CSU (Fullerton/Kaiser Permanente)

1240 – RED Talk 2: A Case Study: Remifentanil and Acceptable Intubating Conditions During Rapid Sequence Intubation
Presenter: Athena Reyes, BSN, RN, CCRN (Samuel Merritt)

1315 – 1415 | Give Me So Remi
Presenter: Daniel Bell, RN, DNP, CRNA (Programs Committee Chair)

1445 – 1515 | CANA Programs Evolving into the Future
Presenter: Daniel Bell, RN, DNP, CRNA (Programs Committee Chair)
*No handout available.

1545 – 1645 | Spring 2022 Update from the CANA Practice Division
Presenter: Melanie Rowe, MSNA, CRNA

Sunday, May 22

0900 – 1000 | California CRNA Workforce Study
Presenters: Sandra Bordi, DNP, CRNA; Hana Yoo, RN, BSN, DNP-Student; Se Ra Park, SRNA, BSN; and Haiyun (Muriel) Bertrand, SRNA

1000 – 1045 | Ketamine Therapy Within a Somatic and Ceremonial Context
Presenter: Huy Quoc Vo, MSN, CRNA
*No handout available.

1115 – 1200 | Use of Psychedelics for Pain Management
Presenters: Huy Quoc Vo, MSN, CRNA and Payam Rahimian, IFS-P SE-P EWB-P

1200 –1230 | A Great Abstract? Or a Great Study?
Presenter: Elizabeth Bamgbose, PhD, CRNA