CANA 2022 Fall Meeting

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Friday, October 28

Wellness and Suicide Prevalence and Prevention for SRNAs
Presenters: Elizabeth Bamgbose, PhD, CRNA and Charles Griffis, PhD, CRNA, USC Keck School of Medicine

Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems in Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine
Presenter: Maxime Cannesson, PhD, MD, UCLA

Thriving in an ACT Practice Model
Presenter: Nilu Patel, DNAP, APRN, CRNA

R.E.D. Talk: Perioperative Management of Patients with CIEDs
Presenter: W. Tom Roschek III, BSN, RN, DNP, NAR, Kaiser Permanente School of Anesthesia

Blood Product Refusal Form: A Perioperative Pilot Project
Presenters: Howard Booth, DNP, NAR; Alexander Honore, NAR; Andrea Marquez, NAR; and Carlos del Portillo, NAR, Loma Linda University School of Nursing

The Harmful Environmental Effects of Anesthetic Gases: A Literature Review with Practice Recommendations
Presenters: Anthony L. Trejo BSN, NAR and Kyle Gaddy, NAR, USC Keck School of Medicine

Saturday, October 29

CRNAs as Innovators

AB5/AB2257 Update
Presenters: Christy Davis, CRNA, Tip Top Anesthesia; Johnny Garza, CRNA, Cloud Nine Nursing Anesthesia; John Gianitsis, CRNA, Kaiser Permanente; Kelly Mac Millan, MPA, Political Solutions; Melanie Rowe, CRNA, University of California Davis; and Greg Wright, CRNA, Foothill Anesthesia

Task Force Report: Considerations for Full Practice Authority Among Nurse Anesthetists in California
Presenters: Elizabeth Bamgbose, PhD, CRNA, USC Keck School of Medicine; and Loretta Gibson, CRNA, LEMA, LLC

Legislative Update 2022
Presenters: Kelly Mac Millan, MPA, Political Solutions; Monica Miller, Sacramento Advisors, LLC

Sunday, October 30

Improving Precepting
Presenters: Sass Elisha, EdD, CRNA, FAANA, FAAN; Erica Butler, SRNA, BSN; Alicia Aaron Johnson, MSW, RN, SRNA; and Michaela Holland, BSN, RN, SRNA, Kaiser Permanente

Past, Present, and Future of CRNA Title and Education
Presenter: Omar Abou-Harb, DNAP, CRNA, Kaiser Permanente

CANA Wellness Committee Presentation: Burnout in CRNAs & NARs
Presenters: Charles Griffis, PhD, CRNA, USC Keck School of Medicine; Anna Lai Mark, CRNA, Kaiser Permanente; and Jewell Morris, MSN, NAR, USC Keck School of Medicine