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Maureen McIlhany, RN, BSN, SRNA

Maureen McIlhany, RN, BSN, SRNA
Where are you currently a student?
I am currently a student at University of Southern California, class of 2017!

What is the most rewarding experience of training thus far?
The patients! Whether it’s the satisfaction of emerging a patient and them asking when they’re going for surgery (it’s already over Mr. X!), or the challenge of managing a high acuity patient, they’re definitely the most rewarding part.

How do you deal with the stress of school?
Humor. Always humor. And the wonderful people who are my classmates, who are my constant sounding board and cheering section. I can’t imagine going through this with anyone else.

What/Who inspires you to keep pursing becoming a CRNA?
Again, I have to say the patients. We not only influence the intra-operative course, but our choices affect everything from post-operative complications like nausea/ vomiting to early ambulation, wound healing, and time to discharge.

What is your favorite anesthesia specialty?
While I have enjoyed all the specialties, I found OB especially rewarding. Often we are present on a patient’s worst day (surgery for cancer, etc), but in OB we get to be present for a birthday party.

Is there any research, thesis, practice projects, missions, or other anesthesia related work you would like to share with our community?
I was fortunate to go on a surgical mission trip to Kenya and provide anesthesia to those in need. While it was a great learning opportunity, it was an even greater reminder of the value of the profession I’m learning, and how much I can give back.

Maureen McIlhany, RN, BSN, SRNA Class

Maureen McIlhany, RN, BSN, SRNA

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