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Links to Related & Government Resources

  • AANA Home Page

  • AANA Peer Assistance

  • Anesthesia Patient Safety

  • State Nurse Anesthetist Associations

  • Anesthesiology Virtual Library (GasNet)

  • Walter Reed Army Medical Center

  • California Nurses Association

  • California HealthCare Foundation

  • California Healthline

  • Malignant Hyperthermia Association of the United States

  • Medscape

  • Federal Government Website Links

    • Thomas
      ThomasGet the latest activity about any legislative bill with Thomas, the search engine from the Library of Congress. Search by bill number, key phrase, or sponsor. Other information available on the Thomas website includes links to:
      • Bills, Resolutions
      • Activity in Congress
      • Congressional Record
      • Schedules, Calendars
      • Committee Information
      • Presidential Nominations
      • Treaties
      • Government Resources
      • For Teachers
      • Help and Contact

    • House Hub
      House HubView video footage of bills and hearings presented in Congress and find out what’s going on in the House through You Tube! The new House Hub Channel allows you to watch official activity of any House of Representative simply by clicking on the state and selecting a representative from the pop up list. Many videos are available and can be sorted by most viewed and most discussed.

    • Senate Hub
      Senate HubYouTube is in the Senate as well as the House. The SenateHub Channel is every bit as powerful as the HouseHub, giving you important information and videos of current official activity happening at the Senate. You’ll also find contact information on how to reach your senator, as well as an invitation to subscribe and have videos delivered directly to your email box.

    • House of Representatives
      House of RepresentativesWho is your Congressional district’s House representative? Find out by just entering your ZIP code on this informative site. In addition to finding your Congressperson’s website, you can research committees, understand the function of the House of Representatives, and access state and local government links.

    • U.S. Senate
      U.S. SenateGeneral information about the United States Senate is easily accessed on the U.S. Senate website. Helpful information about Senate committees is located here, as well as links to California’s two Congressional senators, Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer.

Dianne Feinstein’s website
Barbara Boxer’s website